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AgeVital Wellness

Stress Wellness Package


Stress Wellness Package


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AminoPro™ is a scientifically formulated combination of 21 crystalline, free-form  amino acids in the natural L-configuration.  It provides all the necessary “building   blocks” for the production of body proteins. Free form amino acids are readily bioavailable and require no digestion by the  body, they can be absorbed efficiently into the bloodstream and accompanying  tissues where they can be used for cellular regeneration.

AminoPro™ :

  • Provides amino acids that have a broad application for both mental and physical functions 
  • Act as building blocks for protein*
  • Supports hormone, enzyme and antibody formation
  • Supports fat mobilization
  • Supports healthy nervous system function
  • Supports healthy body tissue structure and muscle development
  • Benefits elderly, athletes and those with poor wound healing  
  • Is ideal for those whose dietary intake of protein is below the U.S. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)*

Protein is one of the most important elements for the maintenance of good health and vitality and is of primary importance in the growth and development of all body tissues including muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, bone and internal organs. Hormones, enzymes and antibodies are all formed from protein.


Detox Pro

A Dietary Supplement to Support Detoxification Functions*

Detox PRO™ combines various minerals, herbs, antioxidants, glutathione precursors, amino acids, DMG and 3 patented ingredients known to support bioavailability and liver health.*

Detox PRO™ is recommended for:
+  people searching for support for normal toxin cleansing and individuals on a weight-loss program*
+  people exposed to chemical solvents (painters, dry cleaners, construction workers, printers, office workers, auto mechanics, manicurists, and beauticians)
+ people who experience continuing fatigue*
+ people undergoing sauna therapy and people with chemical sensitivities*

Detox PRO™ supports normal detoxification in the following ways*:
+ providing advanced, balanced support for multiple phases of detoxification*
+ supporting kidney, liver and colon health and function*
+  supporting the detoxification of solvents, metabolic wastes, micro-organisms, environmental toxins and drugs*




Enzymes are protein based compounds that function as catalysts to initiate and regulate the biochemical processes necessary for life.

The human body produces thousands of different enzymes to catalyze reactions that are needed to maintain homeostasis, including break down, synthesis and repair.

Enzymes operate with substrate specificity, meaning they will only catalyze a reaction with a specific compound or group of compounds. For example, proteases will only catalyze the breakdown of proteins and will not react with carbohydrates or fats. The ability of an enzyme to interact with its substrate is attributed to the conformational structure of the enzyme’s active site. Simply stated, the active site of a protease will “fit” with the shape of proteins where it does not “fit” with a carbohydrate or fat.

The need for enzymes are exacerbated with altered digestive function in the upper digestive tract. When stomach acid is altered there is a downstream effect on enzyme secretion from the pancreas. This creates a need for supplemental enzymes to facilitate proper breakdown, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.*

This comprehensive formula includes the following broad range of enzymes (listed below with their functions) at clinically significant levels.*

  • Amylase: breaks down carbohydrates.
  • Lipase: breaks down fats.
  • Proteases (such as Trypsin and Pepsin): breaks down proteins.
  • Cellulase: breaks down fiber.
  • Glucoamylase: breaks down maltose.
  • Invertase: breaks down sucrose.
  • Peptidase: breaks down casein and gluten.
  • Alpha-galactosidase: breaks down carbohydrates in legumes.
  • Xylanase: breaks down plant fibers.
  • Pectinase: breaks down pectin found in fruits.
  • Hemicellulase: breaks down plant fibers.
  • Phytase: breaks down minerals bound to phytic acid in plants.
  • Beta-glucanase: breaks down beta-glucan, a special type of fiber found in yeast, grains and mushrooms.



Adrenal PRO™

Adrenal PRO™ is a dietary supplement to support adrenal function, energy levels and endocrine balance.
This botanical and glandular combination product is geared toward supporting adrenal function by supporting healthy energy levels, HPA axisand endocrine balance, as well as by nourishing the adrenal glands themselves.



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